Establishing a financial advisory firm's web presence

Embracing change is pivotal for reputable financial advisory firms like Greenfield. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey, redefining their online identity for a compelling digital experience.


Web Design




April, 2023

Strategy for the

Greenfield Securities is redefining investment banking for the modern economy with a digital-first approach. Given Greenfield's target market, we opted to create a brand that exuded sophistication and trust.

Pay attention to hallmarks.

Before beginning this project, we took the client through our standard Blueprint session where we asked thoughtful questions about what they wanted their brand to be and mapped out the different phases required to accomplish their goals.

Through this process, we defined the ultimate goal of the project and proposed a multi-part strategy involving: the creation of a true brand identity and the development of a fitting website.

After conducting research into the market and understanding the personas that the business wanted to go after, we opted to create a modern yet timeless look for the brand that would instantly command respect.

Web Design

For this project we used Webflow and focused on building a high-quality look that could really set our client's brand apart.


At the conclusion of the website build, the client was very happy with the end product and was excited to continue working with us.


days to complete the project


team members involved in the process


satisfied client


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