Building a subscription engine for a financial media brand

How not being afraid to try new things led us to a great solution for Big Gainers' new membership management website.


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December, 2021

Strategy for the

Big Gainers is a stock alert subscription service that empowers everyday consumers to participate in the market. Given the competitive niche that the brand plays in, we had to get creative with its positioning.

Standing out in a crowded space.

Before beginning this project, we took the client through our standard Blueprint session where we asked thoughtful questions about what they wanted this business to be and mapped out the different phases required to accomplish their goals.

Through this process, we defined the ultimate goal of the project and proposed a multi-part strategy involving: the creation of a true brand identity, the development of a website and a revamping of the customer onboarding experience, and the implementation of a focused customer acquisition program.

As of the publishing of this case study, we have completed the development of the website and are embarking on a long-term engagement for the implementation of the customer acquisition program.

See how we elevated the brand to signal its true quality.

In essence, we wanted to paint the picture of a market with a lot of upside to be enjoyed by everyone IF they knew where to look and how to play – this is where Big Gainers comes in and bridges the gap between the lives their customers are currently living and what could be possible if they used its service.

Big Gainers' mission is to provide access to life-changing gains for everyday consumers and guide them on the path to financial freedom.

After conducting research into the market and building out the personas that the business wanted to go after, we opted to create a modern and futuristic brand that would speak to our client's target market.

We chose the dominant colors of black and gold for their association with luxury and riches - an association we want our client's target market to make given the lifestyle our client wants his customers to lead.

In thinking about the brand voice, we opted to use a hopeful and aspirational tone that differed from the usual 'hypey' rhetoric that our client's competitors used.

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As part of our standard branding engagement, we created numerous mockups to show our client what the brand would look like 'in real life'.

Spurring ideas for increased brand value.

Undertaking any branding engagement is a lot of fun and one of the most enjoyable parts of a branding project is when the brand begins to take shape in front of our very eyes - moving from concept to reality.

At this point in the project, we are able to not only take pride in the part we played in birthing something new but are also able to share in the joy that our client feels because they've built something real.

For this particular engagement, the client was so happy with the brand deliverables we created that he decided to earmark a portion of his operational budget for the future creation of an e-commerce division devoted entirely to the sale of merchandise.

We couldn't be more excited at the prospect and are very much looking forward to spearheading that project as well!

Web Design

For this project, we used a combination of Webflow + Memberstack, and integrated Twilio, Zapier and GetResponse to produce a winning formula.


At the conclusion of the branding and web design phases, the client was extremely happy with the end product and was excited to continue working with us for the customer acquisition phase.


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