Transitioning a $300k+ online business from eBay to Shopify

The key to change is having the foresight to realize when it is needed and having the conviction to see it through to the end. Our client possessed both of these in buckets.


Web Design




August, 2021

Strategy for the

Pops and Pins provides the best collectibles at competitive and affordable prices. The business built up a solid base of customers on eBay and realized the need to gain more control through the creation of its own sales channel.

Leveraging familiarity for a new face.

Before beginning this project, we took the client through our standard Blueprint session where we asked thoughtful questions about what they wanted this business to be and mapped out the path required to accomplish their goals.

Through this process, we defined the ultimate goal of the project and proposed a relatively straightforward strategy involving the creation of a direct-to-consumer (D2C) website that would complement and augment their eBay presence.

Because of our experience in eCommerce, we recommended that our client use Shopify and guided them through the entire set-up process.

As of the publishing of this case study, the site we built now generates ~20% of their total annual revenue and continues to grow in importance and impact.

Web Design

For this project we used Shopify and focused on building a site that could really highlight the breadth of our client's product selection, while also being easy to navigate and browse through.


At the conclusion of the Shopify store set-up, the client was extremely happy with the end product and was excited to continue growing their own sales channel.


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satisfied client


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