Creating the online presence of a popular brand's media subsidiary

Branching out doesn't have to be daunting. When you have a vision and you lay out a long-term plan, everything seems to fall into place. Just like it did for our client.


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March, 2019

Strategy for the

Knightspeed Media is a new age production agency that is a subsidiary of the Knightspeed brand, a popular Florida logistics company. Because the brand already had a strong reputation, we needed to be careful in leveraging its credibility for a new vertical.

Hello, it's your old (new) friend.

Before beginning this project, we took the client through our standard Blueprint session where we asked thoughtful questions about what they wanted this business to be and mapped out the path required to accomplish their goals.

Through this process, we defined the ultimate goal of the project and proposed a relatively straightforward strategy involving the creation of a very simple website that would showcase their services and give prospects an easy way to get in touch with them.

Because of our client's request that this be a simple website, we opted to use a combination of Wordpress and Elementor for greater design control and easy editing.

Web Design

For this project we used Wordpress and focused on building an easily navigable site that could really highlight the quality of our client's work, while also being easy to interact with.


At the conclusion of the website build, the client was very happy with the end product and was excited to continue building out the brand presence for this project.


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