Reducing a medical spa's lead cost by 200% with targeted Facebook Ads

The secret to winning with paid advertising is actually no secret at all: use proven strategies and be prepared to test, test, and test again.


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June, 2019

Strategy for the

A popular medical spa in South Florida was interested in generating new leads for their business. Their average cost to acquire a lead was $280 through traditional marketing methods.

High engagement drives action.

Before beginning this project, we took the client through our standard Blueprint session where we asked thoughtful questions about what they wanted this business to be and mapped out the path required to accomplish their goals.

Through this process, we defined the ultimate goal of the project and proposed a relatively straightforward strategy involving the creation of a targeted Facebook/Instagram Ad campaign designed to garner high engagement, which would then lead to more action and cheaper leads.

Because of the nature of our client's services, we knew that Facebook/Instagram Ads would be great for them to show the visual changes that their customers were looking for, so we recommended these platforms and guided them through the entire campaign set-up process.


As part of every ad campaign, we go through the key steps of; (1) conducting in-depth market research and competitor analyses while understanding your value proposition (2) setting up the tracking code we will use to monitor conversions (3) carefully selecting the targeting criteria, writing compelling ad copy, and building a campaign structure , and finally(4) publishing the campaign and optimizing as needed to improve ROI.


Within the first 30 days of running our highly-optimized campaign, we were able to generate leads for $32 and were also able to generate over 7,500 views for a commercial promoting their new location.


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